Thursday, January 31, 2013

1301.7158 (Yu. D. Fomin et al.)

Properties of Liquid Iron along the Melting Line up to the Earth-core

Yu. D. Fomin, V. N. Ryzhov, V. V. Brazhkin
We report a molecular dynamics study of transport coefficients and infinite frequency shear mod- ulus of liquid iron at high temperatures and high pressures. We observe a simultaneous rise of both shear viscosity and diffusion coefficient along the melting line and estimate if liquid iron can vitrify under Earth-core conditions. We show that in frames of the model studied in our work iron demonstrates a moderate increase of viscosity along the melting line. It is also demonstrated that in the limit of high temperatures and high pressures the liquid iron behaves similar to the soft spheres system with exponent n=4.6.
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